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Community description:a monthly multi-themed challenge community for teenwolf's derek and stiles


We are a monthly thematic multimedia challenge dedicated to the relationship between Stiles and Derek from MTV's Teenwolf. That's a whole lotta words. But they're worth it.

We want to draw out the fans, and the lurkers, and gain some newbies for the fandom - so we made a community that will offer monthly challenges with different themes for any type of media. These themes will be given at the beginning of each month and are widely open to interpretion. We are chill people. No lies. Although, you may even say we are so chill that we often 'recline in a horizontal position'. For those of you who don't know the glory that is kradamadness (which is largely what we are based off of) or have never participated in challenges like this before we offer guidelines. They are found here. The rest is mostly common sense.

You can participate by not only creating any kind of fanwork (seriously anything, fancake would be awesome, as would tattoos) but also by reviewing, prompt posting, and cheerleading too! Don't be nervous. No one will bite you (sourwolves aside), so please, join the party whatever way you can.

Still hesitant? Still feeling lost in the woods?

Okay, fine. Since you asked. Ours rules are pretty normal but they offer help with basic coding, etc. Key to being accepted into the pack is to not actively try to be a douche. Which shouldn't be hard for you. Probably.

For those of us who are like Stiles and suffer from ADHD, here's the friendly version:

1. Have fun.
2. Be nice.
3. Follow the cues on how this should all go down.
4. Post stuff to the comm. Also, prompt stuff, heart stuff, comment. JUST NO FAKE CUTS!...those make bb!Stiles cry.
5. Use cut tags and hide NSFW images. (Some of us are actually at work.) Rate stuff that's NC-17. Warn for triggers when necessary.
6. Post completed works to the community using this handy header system. Completed submissions that are late are always accepted. All WIPs go in the thematic prompt posts.
8. Love is nice.

Because some people like those kind of things. Okay! A schedule. Here's the basic breakdown.

THE FIRST OF THE MONTH: A new and exciting theme will be announced. Make something, prompt something, or speculate about something that includes the prompt and the slamming-against-the-wall love that Stiles and Derek share. Stiles + Derek + Monthly Theme = WIN!

THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH: Probably around the 15th, a tentative masterlist of completed works will go up. If you've finished something and a mod hasn't added it yet, please contact us. We like you. Promise. We just might have been busy drooling over Derek's stomach.

THE END OF THE MONTH: We are sad, too. But reflect on all the joy that was had and rejoice because its only a day til the next challenge. Yay! \o/ You can probably expect an actual full on masterlist of every submission completed and WIPs - which is so very, very cool.

You should join us. It'll be awesome!!! You can promote us. We'd like that.

It would be awesome if there's related communities out there which would like to become affiliates. We're open to all related communities, websites, tumblrs, and blogs. Please, contact a moderator with your community's information!!!! <3

|| COMMUNITY MODS: [personal profile] birddi



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